Important Safety Instructions

Please read and follow all instructions for the full installation of your chlor shark

Identification Of Chlor Shark Kit Components

  • 1 x Control Box
  • 1 x Electrode T – 50mm PVC T-Piece with clear view & male thread
  • 1 x Electrode Cap – PVC Female cap with fitted 120mm electrodes
  • 1 x Main AC power cable – 1.5 meter – 3 wire cable
  • 1 x DC electrode power cable – 1.5 meter – 2 wire cable
  • 1 x Tube PVC Weld glue 50ml
  • 1 x Roll PTFE tape
  • 10 x Cable ties

Tools & Items Needed For Diy Installation

  • Measuring Tape
  • Hacksaw or Pipe Cutters
  • Sandpaper – P80 grit
  • 10mm Spanner
  • Clean Rags
  • Star and/or Flat Screwdriver
  • 8mm Spanner

Warning – Risk Of Electrical Shock

  • Before starting the installation, ensure your pool electrical system is switched off at the main and sub-distribution boards on your property.
  • Double check that your pool’s electrical system is not able to switch on once you have switched off at the distribution boards.
ChlorShark Complete System

Prefered Installation Location

  • The Chlor Shark Control Box should be installed within 1.5 meters of the pool pump motor.
  • The Electrode T should be installed/plumbed within 1.5 meters of the Control box.
  • The Electrode T must be installed/plumbed into the outlet pipe after the filter.

Installation Of Electrode T

  1. Once the location of the Electrode T has been determined, you can then decide on a course of action to install the Electrode T.
  2. With a hacksaw or pipe cutter, cut a 75mm section of the outlet pipe out.
  3. Clean up the cut edges & burrs with sandpaper.
  4. Dry both sides of the cut and cleaned pipe before using the PVC Weld glue.
  5. Apply glue to the outer edge of the filter side and exit side of the cleaned pool pipe & the inside edges of the Electrode Chamber.
  6. Slide the Electrode T onto the filter side outlet pipe, followed by inserting the exit side pipe into the Electrode T.
    Twist Electrode T while sliding to create a good glue bond to the pipes. (Remember to align the Electrode T facing downwards to avoid an air pocket around electrodes. As well as positioning it so that the clear view section is easy for you to view the electrodes after installation).
  7. Once you are happy with the mounting of the Electrode T you can wrap the male thread with the PTFE tape supplied.
Installation Of Electrode T

Installation Of Electrode Cap

  • Screw the Electrode Cap into the downward-facing Electrode T by hand until it is as tight as possible, but you want both electrodes to be early visible.

Mounting Of The Control Box

  • When choosing a position for the Control Box, consider that the box needs to be within 1.5 meters of the pool pump & within 1.5 meters of the Electrodes.
  • Mount Control Box with either the 4x wood screws or the 4x Nylon anchor screws supplied.
  • Once mounted, you can move on to the wiring of the cables.

Wiring Of Ac Main Cable & Dc Electrode Cable

  1. Take the main AC power cable and connect the brown ring terminal to the pool pump’s Live pole. Then connect the blue ring terminal to the Neutral pole. Lastly take the green/yellow ring terminal & connect it to the Earth terminal.
  2. Once all three are connected, plug the 3 pin male plug into the 3 pin “AC IN” female socket on the Control Box & secure where necessary with the cable ties supplied.
  3. Take the DC electrode power cable and connect each ring terminal to either of the electrode bolt terminals.
  4. Once both are connected, plug the 2 pin male plug into the 2 pin “DC OUT” female socket of the Control Box & secure where necessary with the cable ties supplied.

A Few Tips For Your Pool Before The Initial “Run In” Period Of Your Chlor Shark

  • Backwash and rinse your pool filter as normal.
  • Make sure the weir basket and pump basket are clean.
  • Make sure your pool’s water is balanced.
  • Always ensure Chlorine is in your pool for the initial “RUN IN” period.

Resetting Your Pool Timer

  • You will need to reset your pool pump timer to run for two – three hours a day. Preferably set these times during the hottest period of the day.

Setting Up Of Your Chlor Shark Control Box

  • You can now switch on your pool pump system at the main and sub-distribution boards on your property.
  • Once the pool is running you will notice that the Control box will have powered up and the red power LED light and the green/blue polarity Led light are on.
  • The numbered counter LED lights will display “on”.
  • By pressing and holding the “Power Up” button, increase the numbered LED to “60” – this will boost the output of Chlor Shark Pool Water Ionizer for its “RUN IN” period.
  • After three to four days of the “RUN IN” period, bring the numbered LED down to “20” by pressing and holding the “Power Down” button.

Chlor Shark Maintenance

Please perform the following steps to ensure that your Chlor Shark is always working to its fullest capacity.

  1. Switch off the pool pump system.
  2. Unplug the DC electrode cable from the Control Box.
  3. Unscrew the Electrode Cap from the Electrode T.
  4. Using a small wire brush or hard bristled scrubbing brush, scrub the electrodes of all contaminants & corrosion.
  5. Once the electrodes are clean, you can screw the Electrode Cap back onto the Electrode T.
  6. Plug the DC electrode cable back into the Control Box.


get your pool sparkling clear now! 

The Chlor Shark controls bacteria and algae in your pool, ensuring a cleaner and healthier pool year-round. It reduces your pool pump run time and a massive reduction in chemical usage, saving you lots of time and money